Slot Machines & Payback Percentages

Slot machines are easy to play, but you shouldn’t do so blindly – read our slot machines primer.

Although they are the most popular form of gambling in the world, most people ignore the inner workings of the slot machines in favor of simply enjoying them. Experts agree however, that your pocketbook will benefit if you learn at least a little about payback percentages and slot machines.

It is important to understand the concept of payout percentages when playing the slots. In one way, it’s very easy to visualize the payout percentage of a machine as being the compliment of the house edge. Slot machines with a posted 95% payback could be called machines with a 5% house edge. A 90% slot machine has a 10% house edge.

There is a difference though between how a slot machines payout percentage applies to your play, and how the house edge applies to a table game’s play. Imagine you are playing a $1 slot machine, starting with $100. Playing this money through you might end up with 120 credits on the machine. For this segment of your play the payback percentage is 120/100, or 120%. If lets say you now play that $120 through the machine, and you only end up with $78 after 120 tries. The machine, since you started playing initially has taken in ($100 + $120) and given up ($120 + $78) for a payback percentage of 198/220 or 90%. You continue to play and put your remaining $78 dollars through; this time you have $70 remaining. The machine still calculates (120 + 78 + 70) / (100 + 120 + 78) = 268/298 = 90%.

The above example is not very unrealistic, just because, in real life, slot machines exhibit a more volatile payout percentage than this. The unfortunate thing about slots is that you can continue to play according to the above example and experience a low payout percentage. Over time, this will slowly eat away at your bankroll. However, hitting a pocket of money from a single spin part way through your play can bring the payback percentage for your session back up to well above 100%, and this is generally the point that you stop spinning. The more tries you take, the better your chances of hitting a bell ringer and winning much more than you started with. To maximize your advantage over the house, try and stop playing after a bell ringer and keep the payout percentage over 100%.

The volatility of the payout percentage is what makes slot machines popular, because they ensure that some lucky players can score big. But remember, increasing volatility reduces the effective payback percentage over typical playing periods, so you can’t always expect to win. Some sessions will run through your bankroll without the bells. Most slot players won’t stop with a moderate win. Instead, they will keep going, hoping for a nice big hit. If this is your playing style, maximize your chances by getting the most play from your bankroll. Weigh the value you place on the possibility of hitting a larger jackpot by playing with maximum coins against how long you want to stretch your entertainment dollars.

What Do You Know About The VC Casino Games?

VC Games

Victor Chandler, a prominent and trusted U.K. betting and gambling website, has brought fun, interactive games to the table for players who are looking for something non-traditional.  VC Games even offer their new players L10.00 just for signing up to play!  There are so many fun games to play at VC that you’re not likely to get bored any time soon!

At VC Games it is hip to be Square! Play the new lottery style numbers game Squares and you’ll never bored again.

Classic Games
VC Games are well known for their vast list of classic, yet fun games.  Are you as good at online blackjack as you are at a casino blackjack table?  Find out!  Roulette will have you sitting on the edge of your seat, waiting for the ball to land on either black or red…did you miss?  Spin again!  Play Aces High or Snake Eyes if you’re looking for a challenge – but don’t worry, you can win big with any of VC’s fantastic games.

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Card Games
Card games are popular at VC and you can try your hand at a few thrilling and exhilarating card games for a few extra pounds.  You might win more than a few!  Try Aces High or HiLo Bonus if you’re ready to have a little fun or try VC’s Poker Bet if you’re looking for some high stakes poker action.

This game will knock your socks off! VC Games introduces Aces High, the best Hi Lo game around. Give it a go and be a high flyer by guessing lower or higher!

The best part about VC’s online interactive poker game is that you don’t have to worry about keeping a straight face!  It’s perfect for those who haven’t perfected their “poker face” but love the action and thrills of a high stakes poker game.

There are some people who just love to play and then there are others who are looking to win some serious cash.  What’s the best game to play at VC games if you want to win big?  Jackpot 15 of course!  With this exciting game, players have a chance to win 10,000 times your bet!  That’s right – if you bet L10.00, you could have a chance to win L100,000.00!  It’s a “fixed odds” game of Keno, so you know someone’s going to win that money – it might as well be you!

VC Games has long been one of the best and most reliable gambling websites across the nation and you can trust that the money you bet will bring you a good return – unless you spend it all again playing!  Be careful not to spend the whole day playing games at VC – but it’s easy to do when the games they offer are so entertaining!

William Hill Games

William Hill Skill Games

William Hill offer the best p2p (person-to-person / peer-to-peer) games out there. Provided by GameAccount, Europe’s biggest specialist in skill gaming you can always find a player without having to wait around for ages. For a £20 bonus simply stake £20 of your own money within the first 48 hours of playing and you will get £20 free! If you have never played skill games before then try before you buy with freeplay versions of each game. Then you can start off small with 1p tournaments with extra added prize funds available 5 times every day.

There is always a promotion on with William Hill so its worth signing up and frequently checking their offers.  Currently they have Double Winnings on Fridays and a Factor £4500 holiday competition with cash rewards too.

William Hill Games

What could be better than betting big on sports or poker at the classic William Hill website?  Playing fun, interactive games in their Games lounge of course!  You can bet low or high on any of William Hill’s games or if you just want to practice, you can play for free!  You can only win phony money that way though, so if you’re looking to win big, be sure and throw some of your own cash into the pot too.

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Sports Games & Virtual Horses
William Hill Games offers some of the most unique and fun interactive sports games around – you’d be hard up to find this much variety anywhere else!  If you’re a racing fan, you’ll love William Hill’s Virtual Horses and Virtual Dogs.  Prefer to golf?  Play a round of Quick Bet Golf – and you don’t have to worry about going through 18 gruelling holes and getting bored.  William Hill’s Quick Bet Golf has only three holes, so you’re done in a matter of minutes and maybe you’ve won!  Quick Bet Darts has a similar setup, so when you’re done with golf, you can throw a few into the board and see where you land.

Classic Card Games
William Hill Games is best known for its classic and high stakes card games.  Try your luck in one of the best Hold ‘Em games in the business or do poker with a Twist.  Either way, you can come out winning big if you play William Hill’s fantastic card games! Don’t forget about Hi-Lo Cards and Triple Hi-Lo – you can have a blast with these fun games. Bingo is another exciting game for you to participate it.

Theme Slots and Roulette
These games are perfect if you’re looking to spice up your gaming with a little colour and a catchy jingle.  Play hilarious and high winning games such as Around the World, Rich and Famous, Top of the Slots, King Arthur and Viva Las Vegas!  Don’t forget – William Hill boasts the “best version ever” of Roulette.  Even if you’ve never played before, give it a try because you could take home a ton of cash.

You really can’t go wrong with William Hill Games – the games are fun, exciting colourful and much, much more!  You’ll stay busy and fend off boredom for the foreseeable future and since William Hill is always adding new and thrilling games, you’ll never have to play the same thing more than once, unless of course you want to!