The Wicked Defense Game Requirements and Rules

Minimal Configuration

The game has the following minimal requirements, which should be met in order for it to run properly:

  •  Intel Pentium III 1.4 Ghz or better
  •  256 Mb RAM or more
  •  DirectX 8.1-compliant video card
  •  Sound card
  •  Windows 2000 / XP or newer

Recommended Configuration

For the optimal gaming experience, the following configuration is recommended:

  •  Intel Pentium IV 2.4 Ghz or better
  •  512 Mb RAM or more
  •  DirectX 9.0b-compliant video card
  •  Sound card with 3D speaker configuration
  •  Windows XP SP2 or newer

The game needs a video card that can handle at least shaders v1. For the best performance and quality, it is recommended to run the game on a video card that supports shaders v2; that is, the video card should be DirectX 9.0b compliant.

Game Rules

The rules of this game are quite simple. You start the game on empty map filled with either black or blue squares as shown on the image below.

The black squares are empty squares, where you can build towers. The filled blue squares represent the path monsters take. The monsters spawn at cell; an example of this is shown below.

Monsters usually take long path through all blue cells until they reach the destination. The last cell, where all monsters disappear. An example of such location is shown on the figure below.

Note that there can be multiple birth cells and final destinations, depending on the map. If a monster reaches its destination successfully, you will lose some amount of life. Your total life on the top of the screen. If your life becomes zero or less, you lose the game.

In order to prevent monsters from reaching the destination, you will have to build towers and cast spells. Building towers requires having enough repository of cash, while spells will require some amount of mana to cast. The total amount of cash and mana on top of the screen respectively.

Mana is rewarded when you damage monsters. The rewarded amount is proportional to the fraction of damaged monster’s life.

Cash is rewarded when you kill a monster and when you complete the wave. At the end of the wave you get 10% income of your existing cash and are rewarded with an additional bonus for completing the level.

If you complete the wave and no monster has reached the destination, you are rewarded with 5 extra life.

Finally, damaging and killing monsters earns you Score marked as Score icon. The faster you kill monsters, the bigger is the score. If you win the game, additional score points are rewarded for your life and cash (all towers are sold, so their cost is also added).